4Story Online game

4Story Online game

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The Game
4Story is a free 3D-MMORPG
that will take you to a fascinating fantasy world filled with quests, monsters and other players. Choose your hero and go on a journey, which will put your skills as a true saviour of the kingdom to the test.

The Gameplay
4Story’s gameplay
is exactly what you would expect from a typical MMORPG. With your mouse and keyboard you fight your way through the kingdoms, level up your character skills and interact with the world. Together with the turn-based fighting, the games mechanics definitely follow the successful formula of other well-known online role-playing games.

The Graphics
This is how a fantasy world should look like. Although 4Story doesn’t reach the lavish attention to detail that World of Warcraft has, it is definitely a pleasure to look at. Beautiful characters, great effects, many different areas – you can easily lose yourself in a world full of things to explore.

Our conclusion
If you are interested in MMORPGs, 4Story is your game. The world is huge, character development is satisfying and there are enough players to share your experience with. A thoroughly well programmed game.

>> Jetzt Kostenlos Registrieren <<


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